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12.03.2007, 16:32 quote


hi Chirs...i tried the us forum to say hello to all but wouldnt let me, oh well..more people will start posting hopefully.take care


13.03.2007, 04:57 quote


hello! my name is Angela Very Happy
There are a few more Americans here... not too many though


13.03.2007, 07:16 quote


welcome to the minority angela...have a great time, make sure you check the other forums too


14.03.2007, 03:19 quote


So, how do you two like the website? Why did you join?


14.03.2007, 14:49 quote


Too answer you question,Angela.. I have been on here for almost a year off and on..I came here mostly to chat on forums and have made some awesome friends all over the world whom have now made their own chat board, so am not on here much anymore, but there are still alot of good people on here to get to know...Toby has a good thing going here...hope things work out well for you too.......

btw hi chris hope you doing well also..take care all


15.03.2007, 23:53 quote


Yeah, thats why I joined too- to meet new people and chat with others from around the world. I just started looking through the forums recently, I actually didn't know they existed, but I'm glad I found them!


31.03.2007, 19:33 quote


Hello Karen Very Happy


01.04.2007, 02:59 quote


Karen5 wrote:
hi Karen...sorry didnt say it earlier, but i mostly post on another forum...cheers and have fun


13.08.2007, 23:54 quote


how is school? fine iguess u have a lovly look is nice meeting u.


07.05.2008, 15:04 quote


Hi my name is Connie and I am from the States. Hope you all are still around.

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