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06.02.2008, 13:35 quote


Barack Obama's website is a bit boring and he is talking in riddles - partly. So not much fun to read....

Has anyone bothered to read his website and what do you think of him as a candidate?

In general it would be cool to either have a black president in the USA or a woman...just for a change....although it depends on what they do of course.

In general, the good thing about the next elections is, that it can't become any worse then with George W. Bush - it can only get better. Although I fear that the next 4-5 years will be really hard as Bush left a big mess and lots of debts behind - making it hard for his successors to spend money on new ideas as there is no money left anymore....

What amazes me most is that all candidates want to lower taxes - although the country has so many debts, they would need to increase taxes - especially if they want to do more in the educational sector and health system...and fight poverty. You can not spend money on the other hand and reduce taxes at the same is that supposed to work? And why not increasing taxes for all the milionaires and billionaires in the USA ? The advantage of the USA is that nobody can "run away" from the taxes there as you always need to pay taxes in the USA if you are born there - no matter where you live (unlike most other countries).

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